On TikTok For Grown-Ups, Retro Trading Cards & Why Everyone’s Skin Is So Dry

Gabrielle Moss
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


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Hello and welcome to another round-up of stories you may have missed from Atta Girl, a publication for women over 30—women who have, through decades of spiritual growth, philosophical inquiry, and raw life experience, finally figured out how they want to part their hair! Women who got in trouble in the mid-90s for not paying their Columbia House CD Club membership dues, and went on to tell the tale! Women who have lived, damn it!

We’ve collected a few stories you might have missed over the past few weeks. If checking out these stories lights a literary fire within you, we’d love to see your writing, too. Just submit a new essay to Atta Girl, or email us at attagirlmag@gmail.com.

The groundhog saw his shadow on Tuesday, which we all know means nothing—especially right now, when it’s been November for roughly 16 months. But if we had to live through an infinitely looping reality where every day is exactly like the last, we’re glad we’re spending it with these Atta Girl writers and you.

-Jennifer Barnett’s “How To Enjoy TikTok If You’re Old Enough To Drive

Listen, I wasn’t convinced, and then Jennifer told me about the cats in wigs.

-Debdutta Pal’s “How I Reconstructed My Toxic Relationship With Makeup

It’s simpler than you think.

-R.T. Brandt’s “Why Vintage “Wax Packs”Are Perfect Little Time Capsules

Read this, and then take yourself directly to eBay to buy some 90210 trading cards.

-Christy Tending’s “How I Learned To Style My Own Hair At 38

It’s never too late to figure out what you want (or even that you want something).

-Suman Sandhu’s “Never Get A Shellac Manicure Again

Hey, you already learned how to make bread from scratch! Now you can do the same thing to your nails (no sourdough starter needed).

-Shani Silver’s “Why Does My Skin Look Like An Old Sponge

Why is our skin betraying us in this, our hour of need?? I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL.

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